- Go to either emulator settings and graphics tab.


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Win_Aggressive • 4 days ago.

Running latest 1. 149. Decode ASTC textures CHECK.

all mods.

. 1. 324.

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TOTK Steam Deck best settings so far (almost stable 30fps) incl.


You can apply your NVIDIA GPU to render at a lower resolution for improved performance, and scale it to the monitor’s native resolution, using Image Sharpening to improve the clarity of the. .

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r/NewYuzuPiracy • 10 days ago.
And since emulators are more CPU heavy, you are basically bruteforcing those FPS with an I9.

- Run the game (it'll take a while for the cache to be rebuilt and it really.


all mods. Thats why your graphics card is almost dying, while your CPU is chillin hard. This CPU could easily run a 4080 without any bottleneck.

(BOTW) YUZU EA 3531 is phenomenal!!. Use Fast GPU Time UNCHECK. . r/NewYuzuPiracy • 10 days ago. .

So I think we will have to wait some time.

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This allows using it alongside the 30FPS mod and to uncheck the "Limit Speed Percent" in General settings as well as setting "VSync Mode" to OFF in.

Finally got totk running stable on a low end integrated graphics pc VULKAN Yuzu EA 3591 Playing on yuzu EA 3591 getting a near constant 30 fps on my potato rig with the 30 fps and dynamic fps mod **WITHOUT the 1.

Yuzu low end pc settings - General - Citra Community.